Supervising & Instructing at Mint Museum

Supervising & Instructing at
Mint Museum of Art in Charlotte, NC


Teaching Senior's Painting Class in Pineville, NC
Demonstrating Conté Crayon Figure drawing

Mixing colors

Teaching Senior's Painting Class
in Pineville, NC

Learning Through Exploration and Observation

Drawing is a natural impulse. It is just as natural to draw as it is to write, to talk, or to communicate in any fashion or form, but we must first reach out to others for help and interaction. As infants, we must crawl before we walk. In the very beginning, we have to learn the basics of putting one foot in front of the other and we all must grow and improve through our "bumpy" beginnings. We work hard, we search, and we find the roadway through our continual efforts on the inspirational journey towards the accomplishment of our goals, whether it be marathon runner or fine artist.

As a teacher, I can point out the mechanics of what fabricates the road to be traveled and how to smooth out the rough spots along the way, but it is more important that I give you the proper guidance with the best navigational route towards your preferred destination.

One must know how to learn !!!

We learn through exploration and observation!

So join me and select a course to follow from the following class sessions and workshops of interest to you. Contact me for any additional information. Let me be your personal guide towards finding what is best in you!


(Please call for Class dates (706) 283-6399)


Increase your painting and drawing ability through the development of your expertise and knowledge of color, value, and drawing skills while building a strong foundation in the fundamentals of art.  Learn perspective, composition, proportion and how to “see color”!  Conquer the basics!  Liberate yourself! Increase your creativity! Enlighten your vision with Marilynn Fairchild!  To assure individual attention, participation is limited to a small group, so early registration is recommended. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the excitement and personal satisfaction of translating an intimate connection with life’s subjects into your individual creative expression of art.  Any level of proficiency is welcomed. 

Mark your calendar now to spend Tuesday painting with Marilynn.
Afternoons (1:30 pm to 4:00 pm) • Evenings (6:30 pm to 9:00 pm)

• Any Media • Any level of proficiency •

Price: 4 class session @ $195 ($130 deposit required)
Price: 6 class session @ $295 ($130 deposit required)


(Please call for Class dates (706) 283-6399)


Any media • Any level of proficiency • Learn the art of portraying the persona of an individual through in depth studies working from a live model and concentrating on achieving a good likeness through the use of color and a strong drawing foundation.

Price : 4 class session @ $195 • Plus $ 30 for Modeling Fee ($130 deposit required)
            6 class session @ $295 • Plus $ 50 for Modeling Fee ($130 deposit required)


(Please call for Class dates (706) 283-6399)


Starting with Conté Crayon and progressing to any media • Any level of proficiency • Master the art and technique of portraying the beauty exemplified through the human form in its various postures and delineations while exploring how the body moves, bends, twists, and turns

Price : 4 class session @ $195 • Plus $ 50 for Modeling Fee ($130 deposit required)

           6 class session @ $295 • Plus $ 80 for Modeling Fee ($130 deposit required)


Usually 2 or 3 hour class once a week, but can be tailored to Students needs


This is for the student that wants intense individual attention with Marilynn Fairchild. Student chooses the media and what discipline they want to master. Marilynn will help guide them to their desired outcome. Number of sessions are mutually agreed upon before the classes start. Contact Miss Fairchild by email at or phone: (706) 283-6399.

Price: 2 hour less intensive session @ $100 (or $50 an hour) • Note: Pay Pal payments can be arranged
          3 hour most intensve session @ $195
(or $65 an hour) • Note: Pay Pal payments can be arranged

- Kids Art Camps!

(running for 8 weeks)


These are classes geared for kids interested in learning about art and how to use it. They will explore drawing mediums, color theory, printing and impasto techniques, claystone, and much more.

Classes are held Mon, Wed & Friday
Kids 7 to 9 meet from 1:30 pm to 3 pm
Kids 9 to 12 meet from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Early registration is recommended as class size is limited to better work with the students. 

List of Probable Activities
• Finding the Lines (basic drawing)
• Out of the Box (or Cube) (more complex drawing)
• Cool Colors (color & how to use it)
• More than Mud Pies (Claystone Sculpture)
• Block Bash! (exploring block printing)
• Impasto Impressions (modeling paste & imagination)
• On the Move (mobiles from found and creative objects)
• Collage Cuts (putting together all the skills learned this summer)


Call (706) 283-6399 for cost, schedule and farther details. A $175 non-refundable deposit required to hold your place.
Ask about additional Kids Classes, and also note that individual instruction is available.

Link here to down-load a Kids Art Camp application.

All checks should be made payable to MARILYNN FAIRCHILD. Your place in class will be reserved upon receipt of a deposit (note: see individual classes for deposit amount) with balance payable on or before your first class. If payment is delayed, a $38.00 late fee will be assessed monthly until paid in full. A one-time registration fee of $48.00 will be charged for newcomers. Tuition is not refundable and there is a cancellation fee of $58.00.  Excused absence requires 48 hour notification for acceptance and unexcused absence will not be recoverable class time. Collection charges will also be added, if any are incurred. Monthly statements will not be issued unless requested.  All discrepancies in quantity, product, or service must be reported within 10 days or invoice is payable. Questions may be directed to Ms. Fairchild at (706) 283-6399 or Contact

Note: Classes are not held on most major holidays.