Peint-Air Workshop - May, 2006


"Microcrystalline Wax Sculpture" Workshop
Student Ed Story modeling in claystone

A Personal Journey

As artists, we are always searching for new visions, new ways to express our creativity, and new horizons for the exploration of multitudinous possibilities through various means of portraying our inner dreams.

Search no more! Join us for exciting adventures through the world of art! Explore your potential while expanding your abilities to create!

Discover new ways to express individual concepts while mastering your particular skills and techniques. Try out new mediums, improve your proficiency, expand your concepts. Experience the personal joy inherent with the creative process. Travel the course which interest you most. Follow your heart and discover your artistic journey.

Select your course from the following workshops and class sessions of interest and contact me for additional information. Let me be your personal guide towards finding what is best in you!



Days & Times:
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( Our usual schedule is: Friday 1 - 7 pm, Saturday 11 am - 7 pm, & Sunday 1-7 pm)

Explore the exciting possibilities of free-form sculpting in Claystone.  Express your creative impulses in this  fine modeling material, which handles like clay, yet air dries hard and durable with minimal shrinkage.  This course encourages experimentation with form and texture while exploring new configurations to express rhythm and emotion.  All experience levels are welcome; however, an open mind, with a sense of humor, encourages
freedom of expression!

Workshop Price: $295, plus Material Cost $195 (Specified proportion of Claystone
 included) • $195.00 (which is Material Cost) Deposit
required to secure your space.

All checks should be made payable to MARILYNN. Your place in class will be reserved upon receipt of a $195.00 deposit with balance payable on or before your first class. If payment is delayed, a $38.00 late fee will be assessed monthly until paid in full. A one-time registration fee of $48.00 will be charged for newcomers. Tuition is not refundable and there is a cancellation fee of $58.00.  Excused absence requires 48 hour notification for acceptance and unexcused absence will not be recoverable class time. Collection charges will also be added, if any are incurred. Monthly statements will not be issued unless requested.  All discrepancies in quantity, product, or service must be reported within 10 days or invoice is payable. Questions may be directed to Ms. Fairchild at (706) 283-6399. Website & e-mail are & or



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